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What is digital marketing consulting?

digital marketing consultant’s an external advisor who specializes in leveraging online marketing channels to generate leads and increase sales conversions. The services of digital marketing consultants vary depending on your needs.

The ‘up’ has taken on whole new meaning. The difference in today’s ‘up’ is the amount of knowledge they have about you and the your inventory. The average car shopper visits 18 different websites over the course of 45-60 days, but physically drives to only 1.5 dealerships before purchasing. They’ve done all their tire kicking online, when they show up they are ready to buy. What processes do you have in place to capture the attention of those online shoppers, and keep them engaged through this vastly different car buying experience.

Furthermore, have you explored technology such as data mining to tap into your existing customers? Have you considered service turn technology to capture sales opportunities in your service lane? What kind of lead generation sources are you utilizing? And most importantly, are you using your CRM?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to automotive digital marketing. The question is, do the products match the process.

If you’ve reached critical mass with digital spending, maybe it’s time to better match the available resources with your current process? Or, heaven forbid, it’s time for some internal process changes?

Either way, Carsignment is here to help.