Carsignments Four Keys to Digital Success

This is the cornerstone of your digital process. An efficient inventory management system will allow you to merchandise, price, distribute, and communicate your inventory to your customers….all from one easy to use system. Our system creates emotional advertisements for every single vehicle on your lot with detailed and accurate specifications to engage your customers. With our premium VIN decoding you’ll no longer experience mismatched vehicle photos and details, and no more inaccurate data listings.

Consumers spend hours researching the perfect vehicle. They visit 15-20 different websites, and view hundreds of VDP’s along the way. How do you make your vehicle stand out? It takes more than just good photos. More importantly, it takes accurate information. Consumers are well educated and know what they want… so give it to them.

Trim levels, package options, and optional equipment are important to potential buyers. Do you have accurate information being displayed on every vehicle listing? Most VIN explosions only extract base model options. It’s up to you, or your merchandising partner, to add correct trim and installed options on every listing.

Digital marketing is multi-dimensional. People, process, products, service, etc… Carsignment plays the role of matchmaker. We pair you up with digital vendors that fit your process, your goals, and your budget. We are well educated on the latest trends and technology, and pride ourselves on delivering the best digital marketing solutions for your dealership.

It’s not just about products, service, and technology… it’s about results. Understanding how your digital marketing dollars are being spent can be overwhelming. Carsignment takes time to educate you on all facets of your digital strategies. Knowledge is power. Learn how to hold your team, your vendors, and even Carsignment, accountable for your digital advertising results.

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